Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation

Soaring Spirits has one goal; to connect widowed people with each other.
As an organization, our leaders have personally experienced the power of the words, “Me, too.” We have felt the relief of being understood by another widowed person.  We have laughed, and cried, with our widowed community. We have witnessed the transformation that having access to hope makes for someone whose life has been altered by death.
Through our unique programs, we prove to widowed people, from all walks of life, that they are not alone. Our innovative, life affirming events, groups, and on-line programs provide vital access to hope for widowed people everywhere; hope for the moment, as well as hope for the future.
If you are widowed: Soaring Spirits is a safe place for you to begin the process of rebuilding. We won’t pretend this is easy, and we won’t put a time line on your process. We will provide you with a huge group of people who are making their way through their own loss, and who are willing to walk beside you through yours. We will also assure you, as many times as needed, that a full and happy life is still possible for you. Really.
If you know or love a widowed person: Our programs are not focused on the losses our community has experienced, but rather on the life they still have ahead of them. You may feel helpless as you witness someone you love struggling through the loss of a spouse or partner. Please visit our You Are Not Alone program to find a way you can easily reach out to anyone who is widowed. Connecting them with other widowed people is a valuable gift. And it is as easy as handing out a business card.
Soaring Spirits is an inclusive, secular organization. Any widowed person regardless of age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation will be welcome to attend any Soaring Spirits program.
We welcome questions, and are here to help. Please feel free to contact us anytime.