Thursday, March 3, 2011

slowing down.

i think a lot

about how madeline

helped get me through

those first horrible


and almost three

years later,

she's still doing it.

i'd be nowhere

without her,

still stuck in

the moment that happened

the day after

she was born.

without consciously

doing so,

she's has convinced

me of the need

to slow

down and enjoy

the little things

in life.

like vacations...

my vacations used

to be all about adventure

and exploration,

but with madeline

i find myself mixing

adventure with time

spent sitting

on the beach

playing in the sand.

or at the pool, listening

to her laugh,

watching my everything

enjoy her life.

and that's more fun than

i imagined it would be.

so happy.

playing in the pool.

turning her toy on her.

playing with her new water toy.


and i enjoy it

more than i ever

thought i would

or could.


  1. She is such a gorgeous child! I can relate to this twins have helped me slow down and enjoy the little things too.

  2. Children are so wonderful at getting right to the heart of the situation! What a love Madeline is...she lives in the moment and she's helped you do the same. Bravo for both of you!

  3. A child is a miracle, in many ways. I have a very close friend who lost her father, in a horrible way, to a long struggle with cancer. They were very close. Her father passed two weeks after she gave birth, but he was able to see and hold his first grandchild. In my friends deepest grief, she said the baby (now three years old) is who saved her. Miracles.

  4. In moments when my children make this horrible experience dare I say fun and livable, I often think of song lyrics from Rob Thomas called "Little Wonders". I know it's pop, but this one is special and somehow "meant for us".