Friday, September 25, 2009

Good-bye to Mie

Widows need widows. I first realized this when I didn't know who to ask how long I should wear my wedding ring after Phils' death. At the time I had no idea there was no definitive answer to that question. Meeting other widowed people taught me that I would discover my own wedding ring answer as time passed, and that there would likely be a long list of other questions that would challenge me as my own widowhood journey unfolded. But listening to other widow's stories helped me to find my own answers to the endless how-to's and when should I's that are part and parcel of the widow experience. So, that is the purpose of Widow's help you find your own way through the jungle of despair and into the sunshine of hope.

Mie Elmhirst has gifted us with her stories for the last several months. She, like Nicole, has decided that her own journey needs her attention now. We can expect to hear from her again, and you can find her, as always, on her website at Remember she also offers a how-to course for widows who are ready to get back into the dating pool, which she facilitates with her unique blend of compassion and humor.

Thank you Mie for showing us a glimpse of the sunshine yet ahead.

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