Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm meeting the moving company today to inventory my house and take the next step in the move from Houston back to Austin. It's a big and quick change for us, and I've been forced to think a lot about life planning and what my intentions are both personally and professionally.

Professionally this move is a good one for me, although I'm leaving behind my current job with some regret. It was a great job, great people, and I really enjoyed it. The next one will likely prove to be great as well. Great people, great job, ever increasing opportunity, etc.

Personally this move is a good one for me and for Grayson. We will be once again living in Austin, surrounded by lots of loving friends and family. We had a network in Houston that we will miss, but the Austin network is GINORMOUS :) and I think it's the best place for my little guy to grow up.

Knowing it is the right thing to do and doing it seems like a simple process, but in practice it is challenging. I think it was Michele who talked about once again learning to hear your inner voice and being able to act upon it. I'm hearing mine and acting upon it, but I still want to call Daniel and ask him his opinion on the decision. I wish there was a giant cell tower in heaven that would connect us even if only for a moment. Making decisions completely on your own after years of collaboration is an adjustment. I do it, but I'd rather have my partner to vet the whole thing with. I just have to go with my gut, he'd support me on this one I'm sure.

So, onward we go. Back to Austin. Back home. After the angst of making the choice to fly that direction, I'm now just looking forward to the landing. Hey Austin, we're almost there!

Happy Tuesday - Michelle D.


  1. I'm happy and yet scared for you at the same time.
    Does that make sense?!
    Janine :)

  2. This all sounds very familiar!! =)-
    Congratulations on your decision and moving forward with it... I don't think you can go wrong following your gut. Keep us posted!

  3. Oh how my mother-in-law would love to hear me say I am coming home.

    Six years ago, my husband and I, our three kids, dog, and 8 pieces of luggage walked out of the Los Angeles Airport. Art and I looked at each other, "We're home" came out of our mouths simultaneously and we giggled like a new couple delighted that we had found something in common.

    72 days ago Art died of cancer. LA still feels like home.

    Ah, but I am wise enough to know that I know not what I speak. I know this experience changes all. So for now I say, I am home. Where home will be in 1,2 or 14 years I know better than to prophisize!

    Thanks for the post!