Saturday, December 17, 2011

With You

"I like people with depth, I like people with emotion, I like people with a strong mind, an interesting mind, a twisted mind, and also someone that can make me smile." - Abbey Lee Kershaw

I'm stubborn. I'm sarcastic. I say things like I see them. I bottle up my emotions. I'm a fireball.


He was laid back. He laughed at my sarcasm. He'd correct me when I was wrong. He made me express my emotions. He cooled me down when things got hot.


Michael was most definitely not the same as me. He was the opposite. He was perfect for someone like me; The person that has a filter issue but loves to be challenged, corrected, educated.


Michael made me grow. He makes me grow.


It's not easy not having him here...The person that I didn't need to explain things too, but the person that challenged me to challenge myself. My ways. My words. My life.


I keep that going. I motivate myself to remember that he made me want to be and be a better person.


I still am me. The person he fell in love with.


But still the person that makes mistakes. Says the wrong things. Sticks to my guns when everyone says let them go.


I'm the person that knows that I will grow. I will be me. I will become a better me.


I miss you, baby. The person I was with you.


But I matter what, you will always be here. You will always stand by my side, but make me work, reflect, and remember that there's room to improve.


And I will.


And I'll smile knowing so.


  1. "Michael was most definitely not the same as me. He was the opposite. He was perfect for someone like me".

    Dave & I were opposites too. (It's true that we attract!)

    We're opposites but we complemented each other. I miss that.
    He loved change. I wanted stability.
    He told me I was his rock.
    And now I find I'm craving change.

  2. Taryn - We were the same. Greg was always so stable, calm and slow to anger, where my emotions (at home anyway) are worn like a coat.
    I miss having that calm person around when I loose it.