Thursday, March 8, 2012

endings and beginnings

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This post marks my last post as a regular writer for Widow's Voice. It is a truly bittersweet moment for me.
Mostly, the feeling that is most prevalent is gratitude. I am so thankful for the opportunities that writing for this amazing this organization has provided me.
My life has been enriched by the community of widows and widowers who know and understand every trial and victory associated with losing your spouse. I am forever in wonder of the kindness and empathy that we share for each other and for the comfort and support given to me and others like me.
Writing has allowed me to truly examine this journey that started on March 25th, 2008. I believe it has allowed me to step back from the the loss itself and analyze each feeling, thought, and death-laced interaction. I have grown and learned more about myself and this journey than I ever thought possible.
I have found now that often when I sit down to write, I am often find myself mulling over thoughts that I have had....numerous times in the last few years. They have become part of me. Part of the fabric that is woven into my being. I don't think it's right for me to keep hammering them into a forum that needs new and fresh thoughts. New voices and new journeys.
I want to thank each of you who have read, commented on or supported my musings here. You have been a lifesaver to me and I hope the newest Widow's Voice writer, Veronica King, finds it as soothing and cathartic as I have. I know you'll love her and her writing!



  1. Thanks Jackie for coming here and regularly baring your soul.
    Part of any process is recognizing that it's time to move on.
    We will miss you you and hope you might be able to guest post occasionally!

    All the best!

  2. Thank you, Jackie!

  3. Love you, my dear, sweet Jackie. I will miss your 'voice' here, but glad I know I can hear it in other ways =)


  4. You have been so much a part of my life from the beginning of my journey. I'm so sad and yet happy to see you making progress. Thanks so much for baring your soul each week and for helping many along the way.

  5. Thank you, Jackie!

  6. Thank you Jackie, you will be missed. Hopefully you will write on your personal blog. I love your thoughts and ideas. All the best to you and your children!

    1. I'll join in with the others to say thank you, and best of luck in the future. When a blogger leaves this site, I miss reading their personal perspective, but also feel happy for them because it means they have reached solid ground after being crashed around by the waves. So that is hope for the future of the readers. All the best.

  7. Like Anon above - I rejoice for your ability to move forward. To step into each day a little lighter, a lot stronger.
    Thank you for sharing your unique perspective.

  8. Jackie, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. You have been one of my favorite writers, and I will miss you.

  9. Hey Jackie, long time to see or talk. Although you will still be a presence on Facebook, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful contribution here on Widow's Voice. I have always loved your fun and straight forward way of expressing yourself.

    There certainly comes that time when we need to honor the change of the wind, so I respect your decision to step down so that another voice can be heard.

    You are much loved.


  10. I shall miss your voice here. You were my first real person contact in the widow world and you have a special place in my heart. Glad we still have other ways to be in touch. I hope this shift in your world means wonderful things are ahead. Love you!!

  11. Jackie, I will miss your "musings" so very much. You are truly an inspiration for all of us. I commend you on your decision to step down but know that your shoes will be most difficult to fill.

    Blessings to you and your wonderful, adorable little children. May they grown to continue to honor Jeff and make him proud in everyway.


  12. Jackie,
    May you and your family find new beginnings every day.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, I, too, am trying to embrace gratitude more. I am grateful to have found this site and for all of your, and others, empowering words. We can all learn and lean on one another, and you have certainly been there for us. Thank you.

  13. Thank you. Good luck!

  14. Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments! I haven't posted in so very long on my private blog but am hoping to resume as soon as I have my computer up and running on a regular basis. You can find me and the kids if you'd like, at . XO