Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I'm sitting here incapacitated, writing my post while implementing the RICE acronym for injuries. 

On Saturday while working in the garden as John played under a sprinkler, I tripped over something I knew was in the lawn. Because I've not yet got to mowing, the stand for my sun shade has been hidden by the long grass.  Whilst trying to avoid the spray from the sprinkler, I leaped and landed awkwardly on the hidden umbrella stand, resulting in a very badly sprained ankle.  My initial fear was a broken foot or ankle because of the lovely sequence of crunches I heard/felt while going down.  My first thought was "SH*T - this isn't good".

I asked John to bring one of the phones to me, but he struggled to find one.  I was eventually able to crawl into the house and call my step-mother for help.  John meanwhile was back under the sprinkler because he's 3 and loves the water. 

While waiting for help to arrive, I was able to get John to take his wet top off, and I wrapped it around my rapidly swelling ankle which although not ice, was a decent alternative in the circumstances.

After being looked at in emergency, and having an x-ray that showed nothing was broken, I get released with instructions to 'rest'.

Ha! You've not met my kid.  The hospital staff began to get the picture when he came bouncing in saying 'sorry we're late' with my step-mom to collect me. 

John and I spent two nights camped out at my Dad's place to get over the initial pain, which was great because the pain meds kept putting me to sleep.  But I am now home, and have been be looking after John on my own.  Cooking, entertaining, bathing, tidying up his trail of trip-hazards. 

Being stranded because he's run off with my crutches. 

Because crutches are excellent as pretend guns from the perspective of a 3 year old. 

I really need to work with John on what to do in an emergency - teach him Papa and Nini's phone number and our address.  I need to find somewhere to put the phone so John can access it easily.   I don't want to put that load on him, he still needs to be a three year old kid, but it's probably time, anyway.


  1. Oh no! That sounds like no fun at all. I have weak ankles and sprain them often, so I understand the pain. I hope you have a quick recover. I always miss my husband that little bit extra when I'm unwell and wish he was here to make a fuss over me.

  2. I'm sorry to hear this Rebecca.
    I sprained my ankle in the spring and know how hard it is physically & mentally to deal with it without your spouse.
    Hoping it heals quickly!