Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another First .....

.... with less waves and more new memories. At least for today.
And that's how I take my days ..... one at a time.

Today I drove with Daughter #3 to Austin (after a very full, very tiring day) to help her move into and get settled in her new apartment.
This is something that I should have done with Jim .... but ..... you know the end of that story.

Anyway, there were far less waves today than I had expected. We talked a lot in the car .... and we talked very openly and honestly about friends, expectations, the end of friendships, masks, etc.
I love this young woman more than I am able to express.
There may have been a few tears, but not many.
I think we were both feeling stronger in the presence of each other.
We "get it".

We got here tonight and unloaded the car and then promptly drove out to find the nearest grocery store to buy some wine.
We really "get it".

And then we came home, popped in a chick flick ("High Society", which if you haven't ever seen .... please don't tell me), drank our wine and unpacked boxes.

It's been a good night.
A night of firsts but also a night of new memories for us.

So yes, the waves will still be coming ..... of that I have no doubt.
But I am relieved to see the days with new memories come, too, in place of the waves.
In fact, I am thrilled to see new memories in place of the waves.
I want to be happy.
I want to find joy.
Very, very much.

           This is Jim with D#2, D#3 and D#1 ..... when #2 & #3 were only a couple of months old:

                 This is D#2, me, Jim and D#3 the night of their Senior prom:

    This is D#3, Jim and D#2 on the day we moved them into their first dorm room in college:

     So .... a day that could have been filled with waves sucking me under with great strength, turned into a day full of first memories.
And for that I am very, very grateful.

      So here's to us, all of you wonderful, stronger-than-you-think women in this Circle ..... I raise my glass to you in a toast ....... to us ..... and to more first memories than waves.

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  1. Blessed be the name of the LORD> Amen ---- over and over again for only He could bring this healing for you both. I absolutely love the picture of Jim & all his daughters. 1,2,3 on the bed sleeping. What a precious moment. Love you, m..........