Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not Quite Good Enough

Ah yes, the List of Requirements...it sounds so very like something out of Hogwarts, and in fact the original list Michele described yesterday was crafted by a couple of witches for certain! I do have to admit to a sense of shame after reviewing the first list, were we really so shallow? No, we weren't. But the first list was written as a joke...more as a protection against the mere thought of men. I mean, why would we even really consider another relationship? We'd been happy already. Maybe we had already been given our happiness allotment? Maybe we should just count ourselves lucky and retire?

The second list, written in a more serious state of mind had a bit more substance. We were more ready to seriously consider the possibility of a new relationship. We were a bit more clear in our intent. I think if I had to pick a few of the more important criteria, they would be self-confidence (a man with the confidence to love someone who will always love someone else too...that's something), an amazing sense of humor (I have an odd sense of humor and require someone to get me - be warned all ye who venture this way ;), and honesty (this one requires no explanation). It seems simple enough, doesn't it? I don't feel like my standards are impossibly high. And yet....not a suitor who has proved himself worthy. Yes, there have been one or two who might have scored well enough in the initial stages, but any who have shown the ability to stand the test of time? Not yet. Good? Yes, for a while. But, in the final evaluation, not quite good enough.

That's okay, really. I can wait. Patience is NOT one of my virtues, as my close friends will confirm. I am, however, willing to be patient for this. I may never meet Mr. Right. I did meet him once, and it was beautiful. I can wait a long time for beautiful. Knowing what it looks like, I am optimistic that I will recognize it if I see it. In the meantime, if my impatience rears it's ugly head, the honesty of Michele and the contents of the list will keep me in check.

Happy Tuesday! - Michelle D.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog! I am not a widower, but have had some struggles after losing my dad and mom recently as well as become disabled from a snake bite.(I know my wife feels like a widow since then). Anyways, thanks again. Love & Peace, Jim