Thursday, July 22, 2010

the same, but not


walked here,

in the same place

you now stand,

through a uttar pradeshian summer,

the two of


hand-in-hand until

we could no longer.

still we walked

near one another,

separated by it,

yet kept close

because of it.

we learned about this

place, hearing how it

and a lack of water

drove them

from here.

we both understood

then, why otherwise

rational human beings

would leave behind

years of hard work and

forgo such beauty;

it was the same

reason we let go

of one another.

the wind

blowing in from

the desert,

bringing with it

that heat…

heat that feels

like a

hair dryer blowing in

your face while

you stand in

a sauna.

but today,

we, you and me,

we stand here.

summer is

over, and that heat,

that heat

is gone.

but i can still

feel it,

and it is

something i’ll revel

in until i can

no longer feel.

and you.

you feel her.

i’m sure of it,

because i can

see her in


the smile on

your face,

the way you

hold my hand,

and the way you

let it go…

so walk where

we walked,

stand where

she stood

and together,

we will feel



  1. Wow! I am moved to tears by this piece, these beautiful words...and then almost like being hit in the face when I saw the picture of her standing there beautiful, so shocking. It brings a raw pain to my heart.

  2. How beautiful...your little girl is so lucky to have you.