Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Into the light

Art canvas continued on 365 Project

I have not been very happy lately.

It's been no secret.

There's no real reason (aside from the obvious dead-husband / life is awful thing).
...and as I've done before in times of stress, I turned to Pinterest.
...and I pin things that I think are funny or creative or yummy or fun or sarcastic or just plain awesome.

....and I while away an hour or so just looking at beauty and dreaming.

...and I think I have managed to pull myself out of the funk I have been in since death-week at the start of March. 
I've written about the Uncommon Therapy I get from photography before, and this burst of creativity has  helped my mood. 

Inspiration came in many ways:
  1. My Year 1s and I created the most amazing canvas for the school art show.  Ours is by far the best.  The inspiration came from a Pinterest board on kid's art.
  2.  I brushed up my photography skills and took some amazing portraits of a friend's children during the week.  ...and for once I was able to get that tricky back-lit light RIGHT due to a few tips I found a link to from a Pinterest pin - Huzzah!
  3. I made brownies from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  (Kinda sabotaged my weight loss for the week though so will have to look into that).
  4. ...and my garden is looking great due to pure inspiration I gleaned from looking at photos of garden pron on Pinterest.
I'm touching wood as I type, but barring having the Universe rain crap on me for a while ..... I think I am emerging from my apathy towards life.

No promises, but I hope it continues to work.....

(* Apologies for the crappy photo - school camera with approximately .5 of a second to get the shot and on auto setting ... will try to get a decent one on my camera later).
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  1. Amanda, I love reading your posts. I lost my husband suddenly in March of 2010 as well. I have been sad for these last few months too. I pine for more empathy and understanding from friends and family but just don't seem to get it. So I have turned inward looking for inspiration and have found it through my garden, exercising, and creative new projects in my house. Guess I will need to investigate Pininterest!

    Sending you hugs of gratitude for your writings and keeping me inspired!

    1. Anon - I can't tell you how happy I feel to know that you felt a connection - because now I do too. XX Amanda

  2. Love the post. Amazing how a few of the healthier habit help draw us away from apathy and back into life.

    1. Yes - its the drawing back towards MY life (and not just "doing it for the kids") that I think I needed. XA

  3. Amanda, I lost my husband on May 7th, this year. He left me the house and took my heart. The trees in his garden stand alone at night looking in the bedroom window thinking someone should give them a drink. I guess that must be me, but all my water goes into tears that continually wash the blush from my face I wear to make me look happy.

    1. Hugest hugs. This is all so fresh and stark from where you are. Much as I need this reminder from Michele and others myself, I say to you that it does get better (or at least more bearable). XXX

  4. I also lost my husband march 2010. These past few weeks have been really bad lately. Possibly Fathers Day, or maybe I'm just missing him badly and in a funk. Single mommy hood is hard and my heart hurts every day!

    1. Oh I am hearing you! Much as I admit that it is my kids keeping me here, it is also a huge challenge to parent alone ... not shared.
      Father's Day in Australia is not until September ... otherwise I don't think I'd be crawling out of the funk yet.... All those anniversary dates just drag me down and only seem to remind me of what isn't that SHOULD be. Hugs.XA