Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ready. For now.


After hitting the 3 year mark on Saturday, I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Grief never really leaves, but I think the experience alone in a new place, along with the fear that I might have the baby before I got to properly grieve and get through the week left me scared and hurting in new and different ways. But, like always - and sometimes without my consent - I survived.

I watched most of my friends and family grieve from afar, over facebook. I watched some people forget. I watched my kids write sweet notes and hand prints on lanterns and their faces lit up when we let them off in the sky. I watched the clock, remembering every moment of the day 3 years before. I watched my phone, looking for the names of people I care about to pop up. Some did, some didn't. And I watched for signs that somehow, somewhere, someone made a mistake and after three years, this wasn't still real.

Now, I feel ready to go back to facing the life that Jeremy wanted for me. I know I'll have plenty more days like last week, when the weight of everything seems too much, but for now, I have some clarity. I have contentment. I have the desire to make him proud and love the way he taught me how. I feel this urgency to not waste the short life I had with him and to continue to love and appreciate what I have now. I was gifted with another reminder of how short life is....and to see that as a 'gift' is no small feat. I can feel a piece of Jeremy's heart beating through mine and through the hearts of the 3 little miracles we created together. And I see more pieces in his sweet family that means the world to me. I will hold on to those pieces and take them with me along the way.

I'm ready. For now. Ready to face another day, ready to live, laugh, and love. And most importantly, right now....I'm ready to have this baby!


  1. Just passed the three year mark myself. I was shocked how the week came and the hurt was new again, and the people that remembered and the ones that forgot. I was shocked I am still here, in part because of Widows Voice. I don't know what I would have done if I wouldn't have found this online community. You saved my life.

    Be well Vee - be blessed.

  2. I get this. You give me hope. Truth. All of it. The pain and the present, the gift of life in a variety of ways. Jeremy infused in you and will always be; the gift of a bigger family; and a new baby. And the truth of even more loss as people "forget".......very difficult. Thanks.

  3. Thank you beautiful yet strong words. I just passed the 18 month mark Sunday of when my husband passed away suddenly from a blood clot. Our two daughters are now 20 & 16 and I'm still taking the steps to move forward while not forgetting the past. You give me hope.