Saturday, November 30, 2013

Push It

The answer is to push-in rather than hold back, to get into the thick mess of it, and to put your whole weight into it. … [This realization] has given me the freedom to fully engage all aspects of my life, to stop being a spectator, and to throw my whole weight into it.
Because, no, my motives aren’t perfect. They do make a mess of things.
But they are also the driving force behind the clean-up process; as long as I keep my heart and spirit open, as long as I admit that I don’t have it all figured out, they are constantly being shaped and formed and made into something new.

-Allison Vesterfelt

We're officially one day away from the last month of 2013.

For some, it will mark a year we never thought we'd get through. For others it will mark new beginnings. For many, it will be a year in which we found more smiles than tears, and for others, it goes the other way around.

But if there is any advice i could give with the last month of the year, it would be to "push-in" to life. Whether that be by means of allowing yourself to laugh, love, indulge, it!

Use this month to shift into 6th gear and go blazing into 2014.

Don't hold back.

Your ego and self-doubt will tell you otherwise, but as I've learned, they're just the "Grinches" of not allowing our souls to flourish.

Challenge yourself! Don't wait till January 1st to set a resolution to living a better life after the most tragic of losses, get your head start now and never look back!

Make a mess. Clean it up and keep's really all we can do.


  1. December brings to much joy to skip. 2014 will come soon enough. Many fond memories this time of year with family gatherings, and celebration of birth of Jesus.
    The world doesn't stop because our spouse died, it goes on living with family and the very young that enjoy it so much.

    I believe December is a good month to reflect on life, gather where you are, and prepare for the next year. God Bless all this coming month..

  2. Thank you for a good nudge, here is to being present.