Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Where is...?

Who put that there...?


Why is...

...the bottle of brown sauce in the crockery cupboard?

Did I put it there... or did John? 

I don't remember doing that... but I don't remember seeing John in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner, either. 

It must have been me that put the sauce in there, but have no recollection what so ever of doing it.

Recently I've found often I'm not really conscious of what I'm doing.   Not really aware of what's going on around me.  More often than not just going through the motions, operating on auto-pilot.

I hope I snap out of this soon.

Brown sauce in the crockery cupboard isn't so bad.  Making the gaff with other options could get far, far more icky and stinky.


  1. So true. I've misplaced so much this last year or thought I had done something when I hadn't like paying bills :(. Not even sure where that first year had gone or if it was really me there participating in it or just looking in from the outside. Someone commented the days went so slow but the year so fast and that seems to fit. I found myself one day standing at the fireplace with my dirty laundry. Don't think they would have burned very good but it would have saved me from washing them again:)

  2. Your post is so appropriate today. I was just thinking my husband would be saying "you have to be more careful what you are doing." It's three and a half months for me and I thought the fog was lifting. I was sure wrong. This morning I put the lemonade mix in my bil's water and was wondering why the glass was half filled. Then I started the water on the washer and when I started putting the detergent in I saw there was aload ready for the dryer. Oh well second wash! Also all morning I thought I smelled something cooking. When I went to make lunch I found I left the toaster oven on.

  3. Well, it's only been 3 months since my husband of 20 years died, and I wander around my house in a daze. I have to purposefully make lists and concentrate to drive close by to be safe and keep up on basics. I go back to work Monday. This blog site has helped me not feel alone. Thank you.

  4. This past December 15 marked my dreaded one year. I'm STILL in a fog. I definitely relate to this post. Thank you for reminding me I am not the only one on "autopilot".

  5. I still have those foggy moments, 4 years later, especially around important dates. Thought I would be way passed this stage, but thinking it will always hang in there to some extent. The brain just cannot cope with it all, it's doing the best it can. Accept it like it is.

  6. The fog! There are others in this fog. Sometimes it seems less dense, then the lights dim. I seem to get the essentials done--the next thing--but just can't think in any kind of reasonable way. Going through the motions...