Saturday, February 15, 2014


I know with V-Day having past, that it's good to have reminders that their love lives on. So I'd like to share this favorite story of mine:

It was February 12th, 2009, and I decided to do something I had given up after Michael's passing...create homemade Valentine's Day cards. Making cards was one of my favorite things and with it being a dismal part of the year, I was secretly hoping it would lift my spirits. Michael used to love recieving them and seeing all the little touches I'd add to make it special.

So I pulled out my box of paints, papers, embellishments and more. I grabbed enough to strat creating and sat at my kitchen table. The first card was made without a hitch, but it was as I created my second one that it happened...grief decided to make an uninvited visit, and the tear's soon followed. Oh, what I would do to have spent that Valentines with Michael, to just hear him say, "I love you"...those thoughts and more clouded my brain as fast as the tears clouded my eyes.

But no!! I could not let this stop me..."I just need to find even brighter papers and paints, maybe the perfect quote on vellum....I'll go back to the box and continue forward. " was what I told myself. So I got up, went back to closet and pulled out the box, digging for something...I didn't quite know what. I sifted through a rainbow of colored papers, paintbrushes, cardstock, and more. I lifted one stack and noticed a tiny sliver of paper with the ink of a sharpie seeping through the back.

I knew it had to be something written by Michael, he always wrote with sharpies. The pain from my very recent breakdown gave me a moment of hesitation is which I feared to turn it over and read it's words.

I put my hand into the box and slowly pulled out the ruled paper. Sitting on the floor, I flipped it over....

"Happy Valentine's Day"

Written in his handwriting (all caps)....waiting for me in that box, in that closet, in my office....waiting for me to find it 2 days before Valentine's Day, to let me know he was there.

"A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid."
-J. R. R. Tolkien


  1. This is SUCH a beautiful story. I'm sitting at my best friends house - she's been my savior during the past few days - and just read your story aloud to her and both of us tearing up at how totally beautiful it was. And so well written. I'm kind of shocked you got no other comments yet - so I HAD to write and tell you thank you for sharing this! This was my second Vday without my fiancé, and just as hard as the first, but this story truly made me smile and reminded me that they are always with us.

    Thank you!

  2. I love it when "our angel gifts" are presented to us when we least expect them. They really do remind us that even though unseen, they ARE still with us. Thank you for a lovely post!

  3. Beautiful!

    If I may, can I share a story here, even as a non-widow? I had something happen recently that was just so serendipitous... and my Facebook friends aren't as supportive. I decided to go to the library to look up something pertaining to someone I used to have a crush on. There were no open computers so as I turned to leave I had to walk by a table and on it was a colorful booklet advertising art galleries in the area. It was as if the universe was giving me suggestions for summer activities that I could tolerate and which would heal my heart. When I went to pull out of the parking lot, I had to stop for traffic. As I looked both ways I saw an elderly couple, in winter garb, holding hands and walking. John Legends' "All of You" was playing on the radio and the singer was talking about "loving her lines and curves". I laughed out loud! Such a profound statement for love.