Thursday, May 7, 2009


Indifferent: Lack of feeling. Being neither too much nor too little. Neither good nor bad. Neither right nor wrong.

Journal entry this week: I wish I was upset, but I'm not. I wish I felt sad, but I don't. Depressed?...don't think so. I want to cry, but I can't. Scream... but I won't. I feel so out of place. Maybe this is it. I've finally snapped. I lost it to the point where I feel nothing. No ache. No agony. No burn. No malaise. Might this be the calm before the ruthless storm blindsides me once more? Or the end to my most vivid nightmare? The silence is eerie... unsettling... yet, not out of place. Still, this is wrong... I feel neither torture nor exuberance. Where's my drive? Motivation? Passion? Is there any of that left within me?

Purgatory. Emotional purgatory... that's what this is. As much as I want to feel something... I'm can't. No pain, no energy... no David.

"Indifferent," WSM said. She was right. What I felt... what I feel now is indifferent. But how is that possible? How can one ever feel indifferent after spreading the ashes of their soul mate over the ocean, writing their eulogy, or planning their memorial? Indifferent? Seriously?

I've become what I swore I couldn't. Accustomed. I'm used to not waking up to David sliding my body across the bed and closer to him, used to not hearing his voice call my name, used to not seeing him walk through the door and take off his sunglasses... I am used to waking up, taking out the trash, cooking, and watching a movie... without him. I'm even used to seeing his name on websites, engraved on stone, and on a memorial. I can bare it all... and even that doesn't hurt to say out loud anymore.

What has become of me? Who I was, I vaguely remember. Who I am, I'm figuring out. This sense of indifference might be a coping strategy of mine... my body's safety switch. I don't know. But what I do know is this "absence of feeling," like most of my mental journeys, won't last forever. For now, it's possibly what I needed. This chapter is only temporary, maybe even brief... but a juncture for what's to come nonetheless. And so I wait and hope that what's to come will be better than indifference.


  1. Nicole,
    You have written exactly what I am feeling lately. I hate feeling indifferent, but there ya go.
    It is what it is.
    And I know that, as you do ..... this too shall pass.

  2. Nicole, I am not where you and Janine are at this time, but my loss have only been four months, but you have written about my fears. I'm sure both of you were here, where I am on this at one point. I don't want to get to the indifferent. I don't want the thoughts, pain and every other emotion to lessen. Wait, I do, but I don't. Does that make any sense at all. I feel a betrayal to my husband if and when this happens. I think I'm crazy. I hate this pain and lonely feeling. I hate all of this journey. I want it to be over, to lighten up, but when it does, where is My Johnny in my thoughts? I need it to lighten up, to be over, but then I feel like my love for him wasn't enough. This is the most emotional, confusing journey anyone will ever travel. I thank all of you on here who are so willing to share and help. Hugs to you, Lorry