Saturday, January 9, 2010

6 Words

I came across this article and video about "6 Word Memoirs" and how they put many people to test on what they would write. The history behind it was explained:

"The six-word memoir is said to be rooted in a bet between Ernest Hemingway and a friend — supposedly, the author claimed he could write a short story in just six words. (He won with “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”)"

So after watching this, I figured to put myself to the test.

I won't lie, it's been a challenge to sum up so much happiness, grief, growth, setbacks, life and death in six words, but figured that in reality, six words is more then most of us get.

So here we go:

Lived for life, died for love.

What would yours be?


  1. Unassuming yet valiant, remembered with love.

  2. A life and love always remembered.

  3. Single, married, widowed, what is next.

  4. Better to have loved and lost . . .

    Ok, 'I' didn't write it, but I felt it applies. I guess to make it my own I could change it to:

    'True love lost - still, worth it'


  5. He'll always be my teddy bear.

  6. I've loved deeply, lost greatly.


    Me, You, We, Us, Me again.

    Lynette, posting semi-anonymously because Google won't let me log in?!?! :/