Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Truth

Art Halloween 07

(From December 09)
I had a drink tonight with someone who reminded me to speak my truth.
The truth is today was another day.
The truth is the eight month anniversary is nothing but a date.
The truth is I once stopped counting days. I will now stop counting months.
The truth is he was an amazing man.
The truth is he loved me more than he loved life.
The truth is I am crying with gratitude and awe.
The truth is my life is marvelous and hard and shitty and sad and frustrating and obnoxious and disappointing and humorous and stupid and gay and fun and exciting and new and adventurous.
The truth is...
his death
was his greatest gift to me
for without it
I may never have discovered that
joy and suffering do indeed go together.
And that it's ok to feel both in the exact same moment.
Peace out, my love.

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