Thursday, January 28, 2010

pocket dialing

happy 10-week birthday.

monday was the day

that my perfect baby

transformed into

little miss fuss.

she cried almost the

entire day.

the only thing that

stopped the crying was

to hold her.

she’s got so

much of her mom

in her.


parents used to tell

this story about


as a kid,

sitting on a swing

(more than capable of propelling herself, i think)

saying, “somebody push me!”

she wanted attention

and loved having

people around.

madeline is obviously no


her cries said,

“somebody hold me!”

so i did.

almost all day.

a full day of little miss fuss

made this a tough day,

my first real moments

of baby frustration.

she finally fell

asleep at 1:30am.

was carrying a whole

bunch of stuff,

2:45am, i hear my phone

dialing a random number

due to me hitting some

random button.

(shit. i hope i’m not waking someone up).

look down at the phone.

it’s dialing



of all the numbers

in my phone,

why the fuck did it dial



that’s was enough

to keep me up

’til 4:30am.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful baby. And I thought I had it rough. Peace be with you.