Thursday, April 22, 2010

hawaiian wedding part one

on april 16th,

i flew to the

island of oahu

with madeline.

we were there to

celebrate the wedding of

one of


best friends in

the whole wide world,


all of her best

friends from college

were there.

i was honored to

be invited,

but i anticipated it

being a tough trip.

we arrived and i

was instantly transported

back in time.

i had been

here before.


had been here before.



i knew

that i had taken

five trips to

hawaii with


but i can never

remember which

island is which,

and i was unsure

that i had ever

been to this one,

that is,

until i hit

that baggage claim area.

it was a few

years ago.


was working on oahu,

and instead of

flying home to

see me for my birthday,

she flew me to


maddy and i

jumped in a cab

and the memories

continued to kick

me in the stomach.

i remembered the highway,

i remembered the street

lined with high-end shops.

i remembered the

hotels along the beach.

and as we pulled

into the driveway

of the hotel i had

chosen online,

i looked across the

street and

saw the hotel


stayed in all

of those years ago.


maddy and i went up

to our room.

a corner room,

looking out at that

other hotel

from my past.

i remember us standing

on the balcony

of that hotel,

i even have

two photos

of the moment,

but i won’t share them.


eyes were closed

in both of them

(this was in my pre-digital slr camera days so my timing often sucked)

and i can just

hear her telling

me to delete the photos.

1 comment:

  1. My eyes are never open in pictures even with digital technology. My husband has tons of unshareable photos of me.

    I haven't ever been back to a place my late husband and I traveled to, so I don't know what that would be like, but I have been back to the city where we lived. Took our daughter to the park near our old home and ran into the couple who bought our house. They have a baby now. A little boy. I imagine him in the blue room with stars on the wall that my late husband thought would be perfect for the son we never ended up having.

    Ah, memories. It's not them so much but the places they lead you.