Friday, April 23, 2010

lucky me

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened." ~ Dr. Suess

After Jeff died, I had this quote printed in vinyl to stick above my bed to remind me just how 'lucky' I am.
I read it in the hard moments when the kids are in bed, the phone hasn't rung in two days and my poor-me's are flowing.
It reminds me that I'm lucky. We're lucky. Everyone of us who were touched by Jeff's existence is lucky.
He wasn't 'perfect'. He was FAR from a saint. But still, thoughts and memories of him make me smile. And his ability to laugh was second to none.
I got to share his life, his laughter, his love.....And I'm lucky for it.


  1. I like that. It helps me get through the days remembering how lucky I am to have found such great love. I soooo wish it were 10 times longer, but I'm very thankful for what I had and still am trying to have. It's a struggle, but I keep pushing.

  2. i love the photograph. i have one, similar. a big tub. bubbles. wine. i don't think there was a crustacean involved. at least i think that's a lobster on the side of your tub.

    i love it. so hard to remember how lucky we were/are when missing them hits so hard. but, i agree. "smile because it happened."

    peace to you.

  3. Jackie,

    This quote has been my mantra since the day after Austin died. I have it written on sticky notes and stuck in a few key places in my house. I love the idea of putting it above your bed. It's such a good reminder, when I'm on the edge and I need a reason to smile.

    Have a peaceful weekend and have fun at your garage sale!

    Love Deb

  4. My Jeff died ten months ago today in a motorcycle accident. It's been hard but i feel like i am coming up again. My Jeff sounds like yours, not perfect but made me smile. I LOVE the quote, thanks for helping me today.