Saturday, August 6, 2011

Next Week

Next week, at this exact time, many of y'all will be home...and when I say home, I mean at Camp Widow.

Though I will be unable to attend this year, it was my honor to be among fellow widows and widowers at last year's celebration of love, life and survival.

My fellow widows have been a blood line and a huge reason I've made it this far and actually become reacquainted with a long lost friend, Happiness. I wish that for us all and in whichever way, shape or form we can find it.

So, pull out a needle and thread and feel free to proudly sew on that scarlett letter "W" to all of your apparel, don't forget some dancing shoes, and most importantly, remember that home is where the heart is. And your heart and love and stories will always be cherished by those who know it's true depths, so share away.

As SSLF so proudly says, "Widows Rock" and I'm honored to rock on among you.


  1. I have never been to camp widow, but hope to go someday. I too want to thank all of the blog writers and those who comment. This blog has been a god send to me. I am cosidered a young widow at 46 with children. I searched for a more local place to connect with other widows, bur found none in my area. It has been healing to read "my story" in the stories of others and I hope someday there could be a camp widow here on the east coast-near Rhode Island would be nice!

  2. I am so very anxious for Thursday to arrive ... that's when I land in San Diego to meet up with several of the widows/ers who have become my friends and lifelines through Widowed Village. We're all first-time Campers, coming from all over the country.

    Friends have told me I need to back away from all of this 'widow stuff' because it's 'not healthy' or it 'keeps you in a grieving state' ... but they just don't get it. This is where I am healing, where I can laugh at something said in the Chat Room without guilt, where I can share my fears AND my victories without any judgements made that I'm grieving too long or not long enough.

    And now I can take all that I get online from Widville and make it tangible at Camp Widow. Real hugs, real connections, lasting friendships, learning opportunities through the workshops ... I cannot wait!

  3. Hope that everyone going has a fantastic time....