Friday, August 5, 2011

why not?

Written five months "post Jeff"....

My sister, Kirsten, was lending an ear the other day when I was having a hard time. I was upset about the whole lack of hope and happiness thing. I didn't know why I should try anymore...with anything. He's gone. Nothing matter's anymore. So I said to her, "Why? Why bother?"
She said, "I guess it comes down to 'Why not?' We're here anyhow. Why not make the best of it?"
The next day, I was driving past the cemetary that handled Jeff's remains. Instead of it's usual messages of "Get your burial plot before the new rate increase" or "Preplan your funeral arrangements. Your family will thank you." It said this:

I know it's a coincidence...but it tripped me out.


  1. I love a good coincidence.

    When Dave was diagnosed with terminal cancer, instead of 'Why me?', he often told people, 'Why not me?'.
    He was no saint, but he was always courageous in the face of adversity. Tough times often brought out the best in him.
    (Wish I could say the same about me right now. Times are tough and I'm certainly not at my best!)

    And I'm still asking 'Why'.

  2. I don't think it was a coincidence at all, I think your sweetheart had a hand in making sure that was left for you. :)

  3. I agree, these weird little things happen to me too.
    They are always like that and they remind me that if we pay attention.
    These messages are out there.
    Believe it!

  4. I was on vacation with the boys and myself...just a little get away to begin our family travels again...on the third night...I'm walking around the room at 5:10 in the morning with P and G asleep in the beds in the hotel room. They are both dead asleep and the G, the older one who does talk in his sleep strongly states "Woman, lie down!" while he was fast asleep. I started laughing because it was charles; he used to be so frustrated when i couldnt relax. I firmly believe they are allowed to communicate with us. I'm so glad that others experience this to. Sometimes people will say exactly what he would have said and it's then that I smile. He's here....just not physically.

  5. Sounds like your sister's words were exactly what you needed to hear and that sign was just to cement it into your brain. Very cool. My husband had the same reaction to being dx'ed with cancer that the gentleman spoken about above had. With all the people getting cancer, he doesn't think there is anything too special about him to make him say "why me though?" Especially when you see young kids with cancer.
    I think he's pretty special though so I did the "why him's" plenty.