Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nine years ago today.....

(post written on August 15, 2011)

…. I became a mother.
I had finally achieved my life’s ambition – to be a wife and mother and have my very own perfect family.
That’s always what I wanted to be, despite my prizes and academic awards and the push from every direction to focus on my career and climb that fickle beast known as “the ladder”.
…and I achieved a lot before I became a mother. …. before I became a wife.
I got myself a science degree and backed it up with first class honours the following year and a PhD shortly thereafter…. courtesy of a cushy scholarship which some bigwigs saw fit to give me .
I travelled the world and spent a few months living and working in Africa.
I ran a research station and worked as a scientist managing huge budgets, staff and still trying to do actual science in the middle somewhere….
But all I ever really wanted was to be a wife and mother.
…and on this day nine years ago, my beautiful girl was born and Greg and I were so proud of ourselves we thought we wold burst with happiness.
I had Done It. My own nirvana, right there in the form of a tiny baby girl and my husband’s loving embrace.
I never had post-natal depression … I had post-natal elation.
…and we were lucky enough to repeat the performance two years later when I gave birth to our son.
My wonderful husband AND my pigeon pair: my perfect family. Nirvana.
…but I only got to have it all for seven and a half years.
Not long enough. not long enough at all.
On this day last year, all I could think about was what I’d lost.
But this year, I am choosing to remember what I have … two very wonderful children and to have known the love of a husband and father who was perfectly imperfect.
So Happy 9th birthday, darling K. I am so lucky to be your Mum.


  1. Happy Birthday K! Obviously your Mum loves you a LOT :)

  2. Happy Birthday to K!! And you're right, seven and a half years is not enough. But a hundred years is never enough to lose the one we loved, so really, whatever time were given is the time we have to be grateful for, even if it's only one year, or month. Some people never know true love in their lifetime. It's all about how we are able to pick ourselves up and keep going, for us and the ones we still have in our lives. Any one of us can die at any moment, young or old. So treasure each moment, and like me, be grateful for each day that God gives us.

  3. I love your reference to "perfectly imperfect". It is a term of endearment to me and I have used that many times to describe my life and those in it! Blessings to you and your family as you celebrate the joys of life one day at a time. Happy Birthday K!

  4. What a difference a year can make! I guess time is the ultimate healer when travelling down this road of ultimate pain. It is so nice that this year you can be grateful for your children and remember the bliss you experienced with Greg upon their arrival. (Hug)