Saturday, November 26, 2011


I'd be lying if I said I miss being weird...I still am and will always be.

But I miss being weird with him.

Not so much weird with him, but ourselves completely.

I impressed him with my Gallum impersonation. He impressed me with his Chewbacca roar.

He spent his lunch breaks watching Star Trek Next Generation, and loved that I collected stamps.

He smiled and always cared to hear about my collection of Ghostbuster and Beetlejuice figurines or the gopher skeletons I treasured.

I loved watching him read Stephen King every night or laughing over 'Pet Cemetery'.

His nostrils could fit two fingers in it, and he loved showing me that talent...I never got sick of showing him how well I do the truffle shuffle.

He could hack computer systems and he always appreciated my poetry and matter how peculiar.

There are so many things that I miss in our mutual weirdness, but as I continue on with these rooted aspects of my being I smile at the oddities that make up my daily life. I smile in knowing that he loved them with all his being. I smile knowing that all of me is always more than enough.

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”


  1. I know what you mean about someone loving the things that are very different about you. To me those are the very things that endear you to someone. I just hope I can find someone to love those things in me and find someone as uniquely different as my late husband, but not a carbon copy

  2. Dave impersonated my old Ukrainian father. It was hilarious. Sometimes if he was calling one of my silbings, he would pretend he was our father (or their grandfather depending on who answered) and easily fooled them - making them laugh hysterically when he dropped the accent and started talking like himself.
    God I miss that man.

    And he wasn't a dancer AT ALL but he loved John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. He would sometimes pull some crazy Fever moves - either at wedding dances, or just randomly.

    And he would sometimes mockingly lip sync ridiculous love songs to me if we were in the car and one came up on the radio.

    He LOVED watching Little House on the Prairie! Hahaha! As well as the cheezie 1970's Christmas cartoons that start airing again this time of year.

    Dave had an amazing larger than life - fun-loving presence no matter where he was. And a little weirdness made him so lovable.

  3. My wife did not always appreciate my weirdness, and I don't blame her, but I can say that it's almost not as fun being weird without her here to not appreciate it. Almost seems like it's wasted at times...

  4. Being weird together is one of the many intimacies of a marriage that are so damn hard to lose. To have a spouse that you can be TOTALLY yourself with, and as a bonus have him appreciate it, is one of the things that make your spouse your spiritual home. You just belong together. I miss it all too, so very much.

  5. Oh yeah. Nobody else can compete in the weirdness stakes like Greg could. I called him Weirdy Beardy and he called me Pumpkiny Wumpkiny and we revelled in our mutual weirdness.

  6. I miss feeling sane when I was with Ed.

    My weirdness was normal to him. He loved the crazy way's I looked at the world and I loved his oddities and qwerks.

    I loved that he did his crossword and would cheat using an app for the answers, but not google the actual solution, as the app was okay cheating whereas googling the solution was bad cheating.

    I loved his moments when the walls would fall down and he would tell me all the things he had done in great detail, sharing all the odd things that made him who he was and laughing at things that only we would understand. I loved that when being romantic he would lovingly swear at me and call me names before pulling me closer, kissing me and telling me he loved me. I loved when I first asked him to marry me, he said "get tae F***", followed with "I love you more than anyone I've ever loved and I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with you". That became a running joke, I would ask him to marry me once or twice a week and he would always tell me to "get tae f***" and we would laugh and cuddle, safe in the knowledge we would be together forever. Our friends would look at us as if we had gone crazy and some would wonder why i wasnt offended, but it was the oddities of our beings that made us love each other. (I must have asked him to marry me over 100 times by the time he passed away and every time had resulted in us laughing until we cried and hugging each other senseless)

    I loved his glib responses to the most serious of questions and his deep thought on things others would deem trivial. We would argue over who found which "app" and race each other to completing puzzle apps and many an argue would ensue over if getting the higher points bested who completed it first. (I argued the former, he the latter)

    Even though he was 61, his favorite song was "I've got a feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas, and he would be seen dancing badly all over Europe in many a bar when it came on, dragging me on the dance floor with him and laughing all the time as we slow danced and hopped about. That was the joy of who he was, a man full of love and understanding.

    He would mock me for being a big kid and then in the next breath ask me what nerdy thing i wanted so he could buy it for me and most of all I loved him because he loved the insanity which is me. So much of me annoys people, such as refusing to see the shades of grey in life and jumping from one extreme to the other. Always having a comeback to every comment and arguing a point just for the simple sake of arguing it. He accepted I always had to say "I love you" before I left a room he was in, so that if anything happened to either of us while i was away, (even if i only left to kitchen) the last thing i told him was i love him and that was before he ever became ill. He accepted the craziness that is me and made it his own.

    Oh god how I miss feeling normal with him.

  7. I can't say that we did weird things, but we had kinda "weird" or VERY similar strange thoughts that only soul mates can have.
    For example: when we finally moved to FL, over a year went by and neither of us could believe that we were actually living in FL! We were SO enthralled, SO enamored, SO happy, that it was just so hard to beleive it was for real. We tried to convince each other it is for real.
    And then we discovered that we had the same thoughts, which was common:

    when we would drive through our neighborhood, both of us had been thinking 'I wish we had a home in FL like these people do.' (Um, wake up, we do!)

    also, as the light of dawn would be breaking and we looked out the window, we both thought we saw patches of snow on the lawn. It was actually patches of sand throughout the sparse grass. We laughed at ourselves.

    Perhaps the one weird thing we did was watch re-runs over and over. I suppose for most couples (if not all) that would be boring...and weird.
    But to us, it did not matter....because the important thing to us was just being matter what we did.