Friday, January 6, 2012

Keep Your Head Up

The weather here in Texas has been gorgeous the last few days. A bit too cool for a convertible, but perfect for sitting on a patio in the sun and drinking a margarita. These kind of days made me very sad in the days, months, and years after Daniel died. They reminded me so much of him and how much I missed him. Now, I feel like he sends me these days, just when I need them. A little "hello" from heaven. I had the sunroof open in the car on the way to work this morning, and a song came on the radio that put a smile on my face and a skip in my step. Grayson loves this song, and he was singing it out loud as we drove to school. Hope it cheers you up the way it did us. Happy Friday!


  1. great song!! thank you for sharing!! It is so much like a miracle to get to this point where sun-shiny days don't bring on the onslaught of sadness and tears and just more misery. I remember well those days, and want to let everyone know they will pass. It is a long journey, but you will make it!

  2. Loved it, Michelle! Perfect for my last day of vacation, a bright sunny day here in So Cal and a little love in my heart. Thanks for that. Oh and BTW...what a cutie :)

  3. I know for the first year it made me sad to 'enjoy' beautiful weather without Dave. Like it didn't feel right. Today we had a beautiful sunrise while I drove to work. After work I had to get an MRI done and when I walked out of the hospital the sunset was stunning. Maybe even one of the the most beautiful I've seen.
    While I was laying still for the 30 minute MRI I felt sorry for myself that I was doing it 'alone'. Again.
    Seeing that sunset made me believe that Dave was there/here with me and I actually enjoyed it.

  4. Yes everyone- I find myself now after 2 years and 5 months stealing bits of joy from the wonderful things in nature, the simple things that we take for granted like beautiful weather, sunsets, the ocean at the beach, mountains or foothill as you drive along a high way etc. Then I think- "Wow- It's a happy moment, Michael would have loved this, oh wait- did you send this to me sweetheart"? If you smile in those moments and linger a little in it, you'll feel his/her presence right beside you. And it's a awesome moment.