Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yes, I'm Posting Twice ....

.... in one day!  Surprise!!!!

That's because we need your help.

We have an "Outreach Project" and we need a lot of help from you wonderful Widow's Voice Followers!!  :)

We have a huge need for all of you "East Coasters" to help us gather information so that we can, in turn,  spread the information about Camp Widow East.
All it requires is time on the phone.  No driving, no gas bills, no loading up the kiddos and hauling them around town!
And .... this is a great way for those of you who won't be joining us to help us in a huge way.

First, by "East Coasters" I'm referring to anyone living in Minnesota, all the way south to Louisiana, and then from those states (and those in between) all the way over to the East Coast.  Yes, I realize that some of you may not consider yourselves to be "East Coasters", but for our purposes, please just take on the title for a few months.  :)

What we need are information gatherers.  We need to gather all the info we can on confirmed Bereavement Support groups (in hospitals, churches, temples, synagogues .... wherever), Hospices, funeral homes, etc.  By confirmed I mean that if you find a phone number on line, or in a phone book, please call that number to make sure they still have a support group.  We need to get their address, phone number, and the name of the contact person (and web site, if they have one).
You don't have to tell them anything about SSSLF or Camp widow.  Just say something like, "I'm looking for bereavement services .... who can I contact about that and may I have the address & phone number?"
That's it ..... pretty basic and very easy.  Once you start collecting information it would be great if you could put it i some kind of easily readable document so we can combine them all without a lot of trouble.
Our plan is to send a CWE packet to every support group we can.  
We need to start gathering this info ASAP and then send it to me by February 17th.  My email is
It would also be great if you'd email me and let me know if you'll be able to help us out with this.
Thanks so much to each and every one one of you.
As always ..... you ROCK!!!


  1. Any chances of a midwest Camp Widow? There isn't anything like it here. I'd love to attend, but getting my kids to CZC takes precedence, as I don't ask for assistance - it makes things tight for a while, but I know there are others in worse shape than we are, but doesn't leave much for me to travel far for myself.

  2. Kerryn,
    Yes, there's a chance of that. We want to have several Camp Widows eventually, even over seas. If we continue to grow at the rate we're growing ..... we"ll definitely be adding more Camp Widows. I wish I could give you a definite date, but we have no way of knowing. But it's part of our plan. Just hang in there with us!!