Tuesday, January 3, 2012

looking backwards - looking forwards

This is a mash-up of two blogs I posted on my personal blog on December 31 and January 1...

English: Candle wick burning. Fran├žais : Gros ...

Goodbye 2011

Goodbye gripping sadness

Goodbye anger

Goodbye fear

Goodbye bad habits

Goodbye worry

Goodbye self-doubt

Goodbye hurt

Goodbye pain

Goodbye tiredness

Goodbye nastiness

Goodbye negativity and negative people

Goodbye self-loathing

Goodbye depression

Goodbye financial stress

Goodbye guilt

Goodbye caring what others think

Goodbye uncertainty

Goodbye bad luck

Goodbye deep grief

Goodbye 2011

Hello 2012

Hello love

Hello kindness

Hello grace

Hello better health

Hello better fitness

Hello new friends

Hello feeling safe

Hello good things for the kids

Hello confidence

Hello new wealth

Hello increased strength

Hello empathy

Hello good luck

Hello stable career

Hello permanent job

Hello fun

Hello good memories

Hello positivity

Hello learning new things

Hello old love

Hello new love

Hello 2012

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  1. On a side note ... I wrote out the "goodbye 2011" list and burnt it. The whole list burned except for the word "grief". I tried 3 times, but it just would not burn.
    Odd or symbolic?

  2. WHOA. That's crazy that "grief" wouldn't burn.
    Makes me think that, if it is symbolic, it would mean that the grief can't go away, but that we CAN choose to keep living even with the grief. That it doesn't have to disable us forever.
    I love these lists. And I love the idea of burning the goodbye list. I might just do that myself.

  3. Hello Amanda! *smile*

    I too had a burning list for New Years Eve and felt so cathartic letting go of some old things.
    Grief ~ I think it is burned away in the living out of each day, slowly and with great measure. The more intensely we live, eventually it burns.

  4. I think maybe it didn't burn because when it comes to you again, you won't think "but I burned you! If you can come back, that means all those other things on that list can come back too!" Ah, see? Grief. Looking out for you. It knows it will still be around, but all those other things? Gone.

  5. I like the way you think Megan...

  6. Love it! I have been yearning to be rid of 2011, I am going to print it and tape it above my desk.