Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A legacy of kindness....

I recently read a book (and then watched the movie) called "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell.  
I count it as one of my top ten reads of all time.
It's not an easy read, either in content (lots of death and savagery), nor in lightness (its complex, you can't afford not to be 100% focused on the story or you will miss something important).

But this book spoke to me like no other book has done since Greg died. 
The themes of death and rebirth, life after life, connectedness between all souls both rich and poor,  is something that that resonates with me on a deeper level.

A character in the book, Sonmi-451 makes the connection between how our acts today form our future and the futures of those whose lives we are part of.

...and I like to think that Greg's calm nature, his kindness and compassion, even when met with people who were  ... ummm .... exceedingly annoying (my view) .... has in many ways, birthed the future. 

Not his, but mine.  The children's.  ...and hopefully, his grandchildren's.

...and I know that his need to treat all he met with love and respect is something he learned from the lap of his own father, a man who was brought up witnessing the extreme cruelty of his own father and who made a choice to be different.  

To birth a kind and compassionate future for his children and his children's children.

...and I realise what it is about this idea that I like so much.....
 the realisation that THIS is Greg's legacy....

A legacy of kindness.

...and I think that's a pretty good legacy to have left.

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  1. Amanda,
    I so understand the kindness factor, my husband was the same way. He treated everyone the same, no matter their situation, education, job status, etc. My children have picked up on that, my son, now an adult, commented that he learned to treat others as he wanted to be treated at an early age because of seeing how his Dad treated others. Yes, a legacy of kindness. Wish there were more of it in our world.