Saturday, September 28, 2013


I'm a pretty laid back cat.

Put me in a room with great music, good company and  a cold beer and I'm set.

But that's all external. Those are creature comforts.

When it comes to the internal....

The decisions I make that will determine my life at that current moment.

I've learned that the one thing you can't be is laid back.

You must be vigilant.

A gladiator for your heart and all that it truly needs.

When it comes to living the life you deserve, you can't go with the flow.

You must stand for what you need.

What you deserve.

Where you're challenged.

Where you learn.

Where your uncomfortable.

Where you're at home.

Stand for what is uniquely you.

When it comes to your life, don't go with the flow.

Go where you grow.

End of story.

Beginning of a beautiful reality.