Saturday, September 21, 2013


*posting for Taryn who is having technical difficulties...she is the writer, I am just the messanger! ~M

I've recently been on the search for a new home.

It's not a long distance from my current casa, but in an area I love and come alive in.

During many of the showings of the houses I've found enticing, I've been bombarded with one question over and over from my brokers (aka parents).

As we entered each place and I'd point out something I loved, they would rebutt with....

"What does having that/living here solve that your current house doesn't?"

Sometimes I would have an amazing answer, sometimes I didn't, only that I just loved it's feel and environment (an answer not always accepted by discerning parents...or heck....people in general).

After a few days of searching and that unwavering question from outside entities, I found a moment to sit, relax and reflect.

In that reflection on just what moving would solve, an amazing revelation occurred. Not only about the house...but in life in general.

It's not always about the solution...sometimes it's simply about the evolution.

I can't tell you what or how certain things have been solutions for me, as much as they have helped me to evolve to a better, happier person.

Reason and answers sometimes need to take backseat for our heart's knowing pull to something beyond where we are and what we have been.

An evolution.

One that may not be solving something, as much as it is key in growing something within.


  1. Thank you for putting into words how I have felt the last few months with changing jobs and locations. It didn't really make sense but it felt right and needed to get to the next place where ever that is....Now I have a term for it an evolution.

  2. I always tell our kids that the right decision isn't always the best financial decision. This has become even more clear after losing my love. Your words express it on an even higher level. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Our souls and spirits know when something is right for us. Sometimes words can not describe what our heart know is right for us as we evolve and grow.

    Maria O.