Saturday, March 10, 2012



I'm here in the middle of nowhere, along with a group of amazing widows, for a weekend of hunting.

I know. Michael and myself are shocked.

I not only have a camo shirt, but a camo poncho, hat, and sweater....

These women inspire me to keep trying new things, embracing my roots, and feeling Michael's pride through the life I continually decide to live after his death.

I know I'll leave here renewed and inspired, but even more, in touch with the me I love the that doesn't or isn't pretending my past never happened, but embracing it to live a life we can both be proud of.

The kind with a smile on my face and heart.


  1. That is just too cool. It's amazing to watch your growth - stretching the balloon (per a past post).

  2. What an awesome weekend! Embracing your past, not pretending it never happened, or pretending it doesn't still hurt, are courageous and vivacious choices. I'm proud of you too! Cheers!

  3. A weekend of hunting with other widows. Just amazing and inspiring!