Sunday, October 25, 2009

50 Days Before His Death

February 18, 209
Happy Birthday to Art
58 Days Before His Death

Art's Birthday Bash
February 18, 2009

for making it a great day!!!!!!!
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Gifts the kids gave Art thought up by themselves!
Pallas: A scale, so "Daddy can see how much weight he's gaining."
Langston: A workout video so "Dad can exercise while he's resting."
Ezra: 2 10lb. weights. "Cause his other weights are too light and these will make him strong."


February 24, 2009
My seven year old cuts his father's hair
52 Day Before His Death


February 25, 2009
51 Days Before His Death

The plan is two more rounds of chemo, then a stem cell transplant. The transplanted stem cells will come from a donor. (become a donor and SAVE SOMEONE LIFE!!!!!)

Two more rounds.

Two more stupid rounds of those stupid drugs that alternatively save his life and kill him.

Round 1 (of 2) starts again tomorrow. Then 21 days later, again, on March 19, we go again.

There's a whole lot of love and stuff in those 21 days!

Retuxin (yes I know about the dangers of this drug. Do NOT email me with an article. We have made our decision. Thank you.)

R.I.C.E for short.

Y.F.K.M (Your Fucking Kidding Me!) for long

These posts are from February 2009, all within 50 days of his death and my second beginning.

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