Saturday, October 3, 2009


Doing things that Michael and I would have enjoyed together was once unthinkable. "If he's not here to enjoy them then I shouldn't" was a philosophy that was stuck in my brain the first months after his passing.

With time though, I realized that that was not doing myself or what Michael had taught me any justice. Little by little I dipped my toes back into the pond of life. With time those toes have become my feet, which led up to my legs, and at times cover my whole being.

Bitersweet they may be at times, but living life, is the one trait that Michael would want me to take from his time here on earth.

This weekend I'm at the Austin City Limits Festival, listening to bands Michael loved, bands he would have loved but never lived to hear, and enjoying life to the fullest. I am his ears, eyes, and life note taker of the things I can't wait to share with him. It is the best job I could ever have.

"I will not fail you, my love. I will continue on the path we shared and I know you will be there to help me, as you always were. And when we meet again at the journey’s end, and we laugh together once more, I will have a thousand things to tell you."

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  1. I see we chose the same beverage....ginormous Tecate!! Sorry I missed you, but so glad you had a great time!