Thursday, October 15, 2009

march 24, 2008

Our new Thursday blog author is Matt Logelin. His emotional candor and willingess to share his life, and his grief, with millions of people across the globe have made him a media sensation. With appearances on Oprah, The Rachel Ray Show, People Magazine, and over 50,000 blog followers, Matt's widowhood story has mobilized the compassion and generosity of thousands of people around the world. But Matt never loses sight of what is real. His wife, and the mother of his daughter, is dead. And so Maddy and Daddy carry on in the spirit of a love that continues to light their way. Instead of a direct syndication of his blog, Widow's Voice will use Matt's words and pictures to tell the story of Matt, Liz and Madeline satrting from the day of Madeline's birth.


after an uneventful weekend.

we had a rather eventful monday.

madeline decided to make her first appearance today.

baby’s heart rate dropped around 3:30am.

everyone was concerned.

dr. stopped by in the morning.

and said that it may be best to have madeline come out and play.

dr. nelson came a bit later and agreed.

so we were given 2 hours notice.


we waited.

and made a lot of phone calls.

and sent a few e-mails.

anya came immediately.

grandparents booked flights (again).

around 11:30am liz took a little ride.

to the delivery room.

anya and i followed behind.

liz went with the doctors.

anya went to the waiting room.

i got dressed in my “daddy suit.”

(said to myself…”holy shit. this is really happening.”)

i waited in the hallway. and waited. liz also waited.

i came into the delivery room.

then the doctors started working...

and a little while later...

madeline met mom.

mom met madeline.

i cried a little.

cleaned up my act.

cut the cord.

madeline took a little trip to the nicu.

mom took a nap.

i paced.

anya did some liz babysitting.

i found my way in to the nicu.

and hung out with our baby.

doctors say everthing is good.

madeline is sucking in a little extra oxygen for a few days.

she may stay in the hospital for a little while.

just so we have enough time…

to get her room ready.

oh yeah…the important stuff.

madeline was born

at 11:56 am (march 24, 2008).

at a bruising 3 pounds, 13.5 ounces.

17.25 inches long.

(almost as tall as her mom at age 30).

kidding of course,

but liz is really short.

and baby is really long.

we’ve been joking over the past few days…

if madeline gets daddy’s height and mommy’s looks,

everything will be okay.

if it goes the other way

she’s in trouble.

thankfully she’s long…

and beautiful.

thanks to everyone.

the visitors.

the callers.

the writers.

the silent web page readers.

we appreciate the support more than you know.

the proud parents will continue to update everyone on our beautiful baby.

look forward to even more good news.

(i know we will).

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