Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Musical Monday

Okay, consider yourself warned about the potential for tears when reading my musical Monday posts. Teary eyed smiles are a good thing, right? Today's song was written, and performed, by a good friend of mine, and has been the background for a few intense moments for me ;)

Kimberly Roads-Schlapman was living the dream of an aspiring artist in the Spring of 2005. After struggling through some tough years with her band, Little Big Town, the group found their niche and they were on their way to making their dreams of a career in music a reality. Kimberly's husband, Steven was a steadfast supporter of the band...even when they were driving for hours at a time to play in an out-of-the-way bar in an unknown town. Steven believed in the chemistry of the band, and in the beauty of his wife's voice. Kimberly and Steven were married for fourteen years, definitely through thick and thin.

While being interviewed for a radio station in a state far from home, Kimberly received THAT call. Steven's lifeless body was found in their bed by a neighbor concerned that Steven wasn't answering his phone. He died of a massive heart attack sometime during the previous night. The race back to their home, flying along the interstate in the band bus, was the beginning of Kimberly's journey as a widow at the age of 35.

I met Kimberly in December of 2008, in her dressing room, on the night of one of Little Big Town's concerts. We were instant sisters. She told me that music helped to heal the tear in her soul. I totally believe that. Stay was written by Kimberly and her bandmates; the first time I heard the lyrics I knew that the person who wrote the song had experienced deep loss. Somehow knowing that connected Kimberly and I before we ever met. Giving her a hug in person, and seeing the song performed live, was a fabulous birthday present, and the cementing of a sisterhood to which neither of us asked to belong.

This song has been played on my iPod countless times...wishing Phil could have stayed just a little bit longer.


  1. Wow.
    What a beautiful song and what beautiful voices.
    Thanks for sharing that, Michele.

  2. My heart's cry. Thank you for posting!