Thursday, August 19, 2010


a few days

ago she found them.

they’d been sitting

in plain view

since before her

mom died.

well, not exactly

in plain view…

they were covered by

a couple of books,

but i could see

them from where i

sat every day,

working on our taj.

it helped

that i knew they

were there,

otherwise i probably

would have looked

past them as well.

but at two years

three months and

six days,

she found them.

i didn’t hesitate

when she said,

“oh! daddy!” in

that voice she

only uses when

she’s excited about something

(and she uses it a lot).

i lifted the books,

and pulled

out the box.

with a little help,

they were soon

liberated from the

plastic and held

tightly in her hands.

no longer did

they look like

choking hazards.


they were gifts her

mom had intended

for her future daughter.

the daughter she

dreamed of

is here,

but she is not.


  1. I think it is so good that you show your daughter the things of her mom, espeicially the things she wanted her to have. I lost my mom in my twenties and kept a diary for each of my daughters of the things I wanted them to know in case I should leave them as early as my mother did. I wanted them to have them to remind of me and how much I loved them. Unfortunately for my daughter's, they live without their dad now in their teens. They knew him but we still have many things around to remind them of their dad and have things that will become theirs one day. To me this is so very important. I give her my best in raising your very young daughter alone, she really is lucky to have such a loving dad. I never knew mine.

  2. Mat, your daughter is adorable.