Thursday, June 30, 2011

we're doing something right.

i got an email

from an old friend

the other day...

at the end she

mentioned that she

attached a

photo that she'd

found while cleaning

her house.

it was a photo of


and me in college.

(i would attach it here, but it's a pretty awful photo of me).

i showed the photo

to maddy.

"who's that guy with mommy?"

i was blown away.

yes, it's true that

i'm almost unrecognizable

in the photo,

and that


didn't look that different

between the ages of

19 & 30,

but i found it

amazing that madeline

would recognize her

mother in a photo

taken 13 or 14

years ago,

yet not recognize me.

"maddy, that's me."

"no it's not!

"yes, maddy, that's me in the photo."

"no it's not!"

this went on

for a few more minutes

before i gave up.

there was

no way i was

going to convince her.


usually when she

talks about her mom

i get sad.

but this time

i was smiling.

i couldn't help but

think that all of

the people

in her life have done

such a great job

of keeping her mother's

memory alive.

and that's pretty amazing.


  1. Goosebumps. That's beautiful .. . .


  2. Matt, it is good that she has a memory of her. I know that I mostly remeber my husband healthy and sometimes when I see photos of him sick, old looking and skinny. It does not seem like him. I am glad that I do not remember that so much.