Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Virtual Hugs

This is for you Dan, and everyone else who is needing a little something extra today to remind them that they can survive this. I'm sending out a big fat virtual hug. Love to you Dan as you reflect on this day and miss Michael. Love to us all, we deserve it.

"When the walls fall all around you, when your hope has turned to dust, let the sound of love surround you, beat like a heart in each of us"

Camp Widow - Stand Up



  1. Michelle, you are a wonderful, truly empathic friend and an inspiration. Here's to Dan's and Michael's love that continues on as do all of our precious loves by giving us strength and hope as we make our way.

  2. Beautiful words to wake up to.

    Thank you Michelle

  3. Love and hugs to Dan and everyone reading this who have lost their SO. You are NOT alone, and you are loved and important and you have everything within you that you need to get though this grief. And take Dan's example, and reach out, no matter how difficult, because that brings healing for everybody. Blessings.

    Special love and blessings to Dan today on this special day.

  4. I am feeling very much like Dan did yesterday and I appreciate Michelle's words so much. It's been just over 2 years and I feel so very down today. I ask myself over and over, "When will I feel better"? Maybe I'm not trying hard enough, maybe I'm being too passive and not taking charge of my journey. But, hey, I don't have the energy to take charge of anything. So I plod on, force myself out of bed in the morning putting one foot in front of the other, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. Because one day does make a difference.

  5. Thank you Michelle for your special post. Thank you Dan for letting us know we are normal when the days seem incredibly long and lonely. Yesterday was the 18th month mark for me and I found myself in my boss's office sobbing. I felt little and weak and found myself apologizing profusely. But why? We tend to be our own biggest critic and yet we shouldn't be.

    The painful world of widowhood has taught me to never be judge mental and to forgive myself for whatever wrong doing I may be guilty of.

    Blessings to you Dan on this special anniversary day and thank you for your bravery!

  6. I'm thinking of you today, Dan. And your Michael.


  7. Hugs to you Dan. Having just gone thru this painful 2nd anniversary last week, I understand and get it. Love what Michelle and our other readers have said. One step at a time, one day at a time. May your memories bring a smile to you and may you feel his spirit and energy surround you always.

  8. Dan, As you know, love does not die. It's what we have left when everything else is taken away. In your post yesterday, you said you married knowing he probably would not see your first anniversary. And you stood by him. Do you know how extraordinary that is? Do you know how many people run from illness? You gave the greatest gift one human can give another, you laid down your life for your friend. Do not minimize this. To give someone all of the love you have in their final days is the greatest gift of all. In your pain, think of his pain, and the light you brought to him.