Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's gonna be alright

It is school holidays here and to get ourselves out of the house, we've been frequenting the local mangrove wetlands to sit and watch the birds.  There's a safe - yet - quiet walking path to an elevated shelter shed where you can sit and look over a large lagoon full of migratory birds.  Some with chicks, some loud and cranky, some funny.
It is a very peaceful spot and the bird life, along with a couple of pairs of cheap binoculars has kept us entertained on quite a few afternoons.

After walking around the lagoon and onto the nearby boardwalk one afternoon, the kids and I sat in the late afternoon sunlight and gazed down to the lagoon, teeming with birds and not another human being in sight.



 ...and just as I was thinking that Greg would have loved this place had we known it existed, and wishing he was there to share the experience, almost feeling his hand on my shoulder as we stared off towards the sparkling water when my darling daughter put her head on my shoulder and whispered ...

"It's going to be alright Mum.  I promise.  It's going to be alright"

...and I held her while silent tears slipped down my cheeks.

...and I knew Greg was there with us.

....and I just know I'll return to this magical place, week after week.  
Just to sit and stare at the water and feel like he is really with us.
Just for a while.


  1. Beautiful to feel that and to have such an insightful and loving daughter.

  2. Oh Amanda, this made me cry. It is so odd how young children can prove to be such rocks for us. I am truly blessed to have a child, not exactly young at 26, but she always knows exactly what to say.

    I, too, have found a warm, magical place that brings me closer to my husband and where I can feel at peace. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!

  3. I often listen to the Bob Marley song "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" and sometimes it does seem like it will be. Your daughter is so insightful, so glad she has such a positive outlook and can share that with you. Hug her tight.