Saturday, April 28, 2012

Never Enough

I've met quite a few widows in my day.

 I've laughed with them, cried with them, grown with them, and lived with them.

After nearly five years of meeting with those that share this title we were so unwillingly given, there is one thing I know for sure (that was definitely reinforced at Camp Widow East):

You can never have enough or know enough widows and widowers!

Of course, I'd like to think there weren't many of us out there, but there are.

But with each one lies a gift, waiting for you to unwrap.

A story, an inspiration, a smile, a hug, a love. Perseverance, strength, beauty and power. 

With each widow I have the honor of meeting, hugging, talking to, I feel myself getting stronger.

They are the epitome of a survivor and wear it proudly for all to see and be empowered by.

Like life, the moment we stop growing, learning, and evolving is the moment we are basically dead.

Every moment surrounded by my fellow bearers of the badge "W", is a moment that all of that takes place.

A moment that gives me strength for that it to continue on, even when we can no longer be together in our amazing widow bubble.

Thank you Michele, Dana, Barbara and all the SSLF team...for allowing us to continue to come together and have those moments never are long enough...but always just perfect.


  1. Precious Taryn,
    As usual, your post is perfect for capturing so much depth of emotion in a few words. I am so happy we met at CW East and shared many words, emotions, smiles and tears. I will continue on with wonderful, cherished memories. I missed saying good-bye but know we will meet again. Thank YOU for being amazing you. To Love and Light and Hope.
    Anne Marie

  2. Taryn,
    It was so nice meeting you at CWE. I was the one who had the major meltdown Friday night. I couldn't have gotten through that without you, Danielle and the others who walked by during my mini-crisis in the lobby.
    You're so right . . . we can't know enough widows. People think it's depressing for me to spend time with other widows, but I keep trying to explain that it's not depressing. It's uplifting! I see pain in their eyes, but I also see hope for their future in their eyes. And that gives me hope!