Monday, July 2, 2012

Thank You, Baby


Dave and I loved the show King of Queens. The characters (a married couple) on the show were loving but real with each other and reminded Dave and me of our own marriage.

We watched it obsessively and referred to it often in daily life.

One of the actors on the show, Patton Oswalt, was also a favorite comedian of ours. His stand-up is smart as a whip and warmly hilarious. He's had a couple roles in movies that have stolen my heart, as well.

Yesterday, a friend texted me at 4:00 to let me know that Patton would be performing at a local comedy club at 7:30.

Because we found out about the performance so late, we'd have to get on the wait-list and then hope that at least two ticket holders wouldn't show up for the show.

We needed to get to the club immediately to get a good chance at being first on the wait-list. Patton is a relatively big deal in the comedy world and I figured we might not have a great chance.

We zoomed over to the club and waited for the doors to open at 5:30.

We ended up first on the wait-list, thankfully, and then blew some time browsing in stores and eating while we waited for the show.

We showed up right as the opening act began and waited several minutes, with other wait-listed people, hoping to get seats. We were told we might not get to sit together if we got in at all.

Eventually, an employee rushed over to us to tell us that we got two seats together and hurried us through the ticket-buying process.

A man hanging out this whole time to sell his ticket was directed to sell his ticket to me. I handed him the money and waited while my friend got her ticket.

As I stood there, I looked at the ticket in my hand and saw the man's name. David.

If it's possible, my whole body smiled. I felt Dave's presence strongly and a sense of well-being and joy stole over me.

As the usher escorted us into the dark club, where the opening act was performing already, he guided us the front of the club. I knew right away what was happening. The seats we were being led to were not only together, but right in front of the stage. We would be within four feet of Patton.

We couldn't believe our luck, but to be honest, a part of me wasn't that surprised as I felt Dave's presence all over again.

Patton's set was perfection. Our cheeks hurt and voices were hoarse from laughing so hard.

 While I wished Dave could have experienced it all with me, I felt him smirking as he always did when he managed to surprise me.

Once alone in the car on the way home, I whispered "Thank you, baby" to the space around me and I felt him smile.


  1. I love this stuff...I call them winks and they happen all the time. real, or wishful thinking? I don't care..I LIKE them. One of the first real dates Tom and I went on was to see Barbara Cook in concert (we liked musicals...sue me!) Anyway, I saw her Saturday night and she sang a song I have heard only one other Tom's memorial service. It was unexpected and jarring and made me cry and was so wonderful...

  2. I have similiar things that happened in my life that I knew my husband Tommy had a hand in it. He's my guardian angel now and I will keep looking for the clues that he constantly sends to me. Love is eternal!

  3. I call them Maggie Kisses. I haven't seen any in quite a while but you have me pondering if when I say "seen" a better choice of words would be "noticed."

    I've never been one to search for such things. I certainly don't judge those that push what I would consider the rational envelope, but there have been some Maggie Kisses that were absolutely undeniable - crazy stuff that's just beyond my comprehension as to how they could have happened otherwise. Those hit me like a brick to the forehead quickly followed by a kick to the heart. Oddly enough, while typing this out, I realized that rarely these days does that kick to the heart hurt. Instead, it's warm with butterflies. That's a nice change.

    To Dave: Keep it up, Big Guy! And if you run into Maggie, could you remind her to throw me a few obvious ones. I tell ya' that girl suffers from the shiny object syndrome and where she and you are at, there's bound to be lots. ;)