Saturday, March 29, 2014



It's been said that once we have found the true path, destiny unfolds before us like a red carpet.   

I'm a believer of that and the fact that much of destiny (if not all) is determined on our ability to self-propel ourselves into it.   

Sometimes we don't notice our forward trajectory and the red carpet unfolds at a slow speed, that years later is finally apparent to the naked eye and soul. And it shows us that not only has destiny rolled out the carpet, but shows us that we have walked across it.   

But as I've most recently learned, sometimes, after many years of becoming mindful of who and what we are made of, we become aware of destiny when it shows its bare self, and decide to throw ourselves into it head looking back...and just like that, at the speed of lightning, that red carpet is not only rolled out, but ready for you to strut yourself down.   

Of course, on any red carpet, you'll find a step and repeat. Those moments where you're made to pause, see the light, gather yourself...but what's most important is that you keep walking...because lord knows you can't keep destiny waiting!  


  1. I love this post, I can very much relate… since Drew died I have been led further and further down the path of what I was born to do. Something I was ignoring in my old life. In the past 2 months alone, destiny has been showing up in many big and small ways - all in relation to my art - all fueling my forward with my photography and my writing. I love the visual, i feel at times like I am just on the edge of stepping onto that carpet. I think something is so close to taking off right now… I can feel it coming. This will remind me when the momentum really hits, to step right out onto the red! Thanks Taryn =)

  2. I love the image of the red carpet of our destiny unrolling before us. We all have that red carpet; spotting our own can be tricky. Tricky, too is propelling ourselves down it away from the past. Death can smash our motivation and our confidence to pieces. I'd say before widowhood my motivation was one part his and one part mine. Now it's all mine, so I'm taking all the credit with each step I take.