Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who's Writing This Anyway?

So I checked out the uplifting song of Musical Monday, which I listened to several times last night...and it did inspire me and lift my spirits. Thanks Michele and I hope your are busy writing your next chapter right now!

I am still suffering writer's block. (I love this analogy). However, I am getting more comfortable with the idea that the future is mine and it is unwritten. I can let others write it for me and be along for the ride, or I can choose to actively draft my future. I am generally in charge in most areas of my life. I think I am beginning to want to be in charge of this too.

What adventures will my next chapters have in store? I don't know either, but I'm beginning to have an interest in finding out. I have made comments before about "resting in the riddle" and trying not to plan. However, I think I've also been feeling fearful of having my plans waylaid and have been trying to avoid the issue altogether. I am trying to decide if I am avoiding plans because I should for a while, or if I'm avoiding them because I'm afraid of the disappointment. I've had my share of disappointment. I should also know that avoiding commitments doesn't spare us that disappointment. Shit happens whether we are planning it or not. It's a circular argument in my head....I'll keep you posted on my progress.....

In the meantime, happy Tuesday everyone. - Michelle D.

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  1. I always write in pencil... things can be changed without having to start over.