Thursday, February 18, 2010

good memories

we headed to the pasadena

to have

dinner with chandra and derek,

who were in town

from the bay area.

decided on a sushi restaurant.

it’s an extremely loud place,

but madeline was comfortable,

quietly surveying the room.

i think she remembered the place.

i was there with


(madeline inside),

last november,

to celebrate a night

of feeling okay enough

to leave the house.

she loved sushi,

but ate only veggies and edamame

’cause she was pregnant.

she was really looking

forward to

going back there someday.

instead, i sat there

with one of her best friends,

telling and listening to stories



chandra’s been writing

for madeline.

this will someday be the greatest

gift that madeline will receive.

after a lot of talk,

we walked back

to our car and

headed home.

during the short drive home,

i heard a song

we always joked that

it was to be

played at my funeral.

instead it played at


wildly inappropriate.

but perfect at time when

i needed a laugh the most.

i smiled again,

the song ending

as i parked in front of



a peaceful day with lots

of good memories.

sleep is in order.

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