Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hanging with the Guys

(Grayson and his Godfather, Jimmy Simmons)

Grayson is about to experience his 5th father's day without his dad. The first few years were okay for him, but it is sort of difficult to get into a holiday like that one without your dad. We made cards, visited the cemetery, ate foods Daniel would have liked, did things he would have liked to do. We tried to celebrate it like we would have in the old days. I think Grayson enjoyed it, but clearly there was something missing.

Last year my father-in-law invited Grayson to spend Father's Day with him at the coast. He'd decided Grayson was old enough to go on a fishing trip and he really wanted share the day with his grandson. I was a little worried that Grayson wouldn't have a good time - he tends to get homesick and I wasn't sure he could hack the all day fishing excursion. I was also a little worried about myself, I wasn't sure I wanted to be alone on Father's Day. Thank goodness my worries were groundless. Both grandfather and grandson had a blast (and so did mom - a pedicure and margaritas with the girls can definitely cure what ails you!).

A couple of months ago my father-in-law called to invite Grayson again. I was touched by the gesture and told him so. I told him I thought it was really special for the two of them to have this time together and I asked if it made him feel closer to Daniel on that day. His response made me smile then, and continues to make me smile now. He told me it definitely made him feel closer to Daniel, but it wasn't the only reason he invited him. "I just like him. He's a great kid, and I really enjoy spending time with him" were his words. I loved it.

The trip starts on Thursday, and Grayson is excited. He's got his fishing hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen ready. He's convinced he's going to catch the most fish and can't wait to get out on the water with his Poppa. His Godfather is the fishing guide, and that is a double bonus to Grayson. He can't wait. Fishing, telling stories, and hanging out with the guys, what better way for the little guy to celebrate the day? His Dad would have loved it, and I'm certain will be smiling down on him, hopefully putting those redfish right on the hook!

Happy Tuesday! - Michelle D.


  1. sniff sniff...brought tears to my eyes. Those two guys make it three counting Jimmy are going to have a wonderful time. Fred is so excited and counting the days just like Grayson...must be a Dippel thing! Have a great couple of days to do the girly things and hang out with the girls. We love you Mickie! Thanks for giving us such a super kids like Grayson to love!

  2. I wish someone would do something like this for my son! I am glad for you and for your son. There is nothing as wonderful as sharing the love!

  3. I hear you Jill. My son is 16. His dad became ill with cancer when he was in 4th grade. My husband died when our son was 13 and a half. It's been 2 and 1/2 years and no one talks to my son about his dad other than me and his grandparents. NO OTHER ADULT even mentions his dad to him. Finally, last weekend, someone that my son doesn't even know came up to him and said Charlie I feel bad for you. My son said why. The lady said, I lost my mom when I was 12 - if you ever want to talk call me. She gave him her number. I have to call her and thank her. I still get hurt by the insensitive comments from other people. Do you know of any camps for kids dealing with grief? We live in a very small community and isolated from large city which is 300 miles away. I worry about my son and would like him to spend some time with other children that have lost someone so dear to them. He is an only child.

  4. Cathy - I'd love to help if I can! Please email me and tell me where you guys live and I'll help you find something. I know of several around the country and have heard great things. My email is michelled@sslf.org