Thursday, June 24, 2010

not gone

there, where they
used to be,
is a thin line,
dug deep into my
skin, one that only
i can see,
a reminder that
they’re still there
even if
they’re not where
they used to be.
that line will not
be there forever,
but the mark
they left on me
will remain until
i breathe no longer.

1 comment:

  1. I look at my wedding ring finger every single day... I took off my wedding rings last month, the night before the 1st Anniversary of 'My Rick's' death. I, proudly, wore those rings for 21-years... I look down and can still see the mark that they left on my left, ring finger (although, I, too, think that it is only visible to me)... The 'mark' that they left on my heart, however, will NEVER fade... I MUST recognize that this 'feeling' and 'knowledge' is a blessing... I was SO BLESSED to have a 21-year love affair with my late husband... And it left such an impression on my heart, that I'm ready to feel 'something vaguely similar' again.