Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day is Everyday for a Military Widow

This past week I found myself in Washington, D.C. for the National Memorial Day Concert.

Accompanied by some of my greatest widow friends, we spent the weekend catching up, visiting fallen loved ones at Section 60, night walks around the monuments, searching of names for our Vietnam widows and more.

All in all it was a weekend above all Memorial day weekends since Micheal's passing.

Our last night was spent at the concert, where two actors portrayed myself and one of the first widows to reach out to me, a Vietnam era widow nearly 40 years older then me. But as I learned early on, age takes backseat when it comes to binds, healing and friendship. As the actresses took their place on the stage they told a culmination of the hardships faced by military widows. My story is a small and minute story in comparison to the thousands out there who share in the same plight, but I hoped that even an ounce of what was being portrayed that evening could help others in taking a glimpse into our reality.

That evening, surrounded by some of the most amazing women I have ever met, I think an ounce of that was achieved...due to them...due to us...due to you.


  1. Thank you for sharing the video from Memorial Day. It was beautiful; very moving and encouraging at the same time. Your reaching out to widows is important work as we all feel isolation, pain and aloneness with our grief. Thank you.

  2. Amazing. Truly amazing. You are an inspiration to all, Taryn.

  3. Taryn you have changed the world for the better with your courage, determination, and ability to think outside of the box. Michael's love has bloosmed into the most beautiful I am so proud to be your friend.

    xo Michele

  4. Awesome Taryn, what a beautiful job they did telling that piece of your story. Amazing!

  5. Taryn, I continue to watch, learn, and grow in understanding. Thank you, thank you.