Friday, September 28, 2012

In Need of A Little Pick Me Up?

It's been a rough week, and I'm so glad it's Friday - it's been a week of Mondays!  I thought I'd share the song that is keeping me on the positive path in a very negative week.  Have a heavenly day :)


  1. Michelle,
    this was a give me shivers kind of post.
    This is a song I played for my husband almost every day when he came home after a month in hospital (brain surgery for a tumour)
    Every day I played it.
    I wanted to give him hope. It is so peaceful and beautiful.
    I love it.

    Well fast forward to now.
    He has been gone for almost two years.
    I was at the pharmacy picking things up and looking at cards.
    I picked up a birthday card. I have a new practice. I mail myself a birthday card (October) and remind myself to dream, to hope, to live.
    I picked up this very pretty card - and when I opened it - it started to play this song - heavenly day.
    I had tears in my eyes.
    It felt like a message.
    A reminder that even though I enter the month of my birthday, our anniversary and then his death the first week of November, all of the days we shared before he died - were heavenly.
    I felt like he sent me a message somehow.
    Thank you . . .
    Have a heavenly day. It is such a beautiful song.

  2. Our timelines are similar, my birthday is in October and he died the first week of november from throat cancer. It's been 7 years, so this song wasn't out when he was alive, but another one was... - When it Don't Come Easy. I listened to it everyday during that time, praying for his survival and trying to support him the best that I could, and I listened to it after - and imagined him supporting me during my tough time. Still one of my very favorites. I'm glad the Heavenly Day song came at just the right time for you. Sending you a hug during this tough couple of months.

  3. Thank you both for these songs. Music has played such an important role in my/our life, we used to have a music store back in the early 80's. I am still listening to the collection we have amassed over the years, and always amazed at the lyrics that mean so much more today, in this new life I lead.

  4. Thanks Michelle. My brother also died of esophageal cancer but 8 years ago.
    Amazing to see the coincidences in our journey.
    You understand that Oct/Nov/December are tough.
    I appreciate your comments.
    I hope you have a special birthday - with some lovely surprises and cake and family and friends to share the love and memories.
    I take the hug and send one back to you fellow Libra.