Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More like him

I am, at heart, a homebody.
An introvert who is too fond of her own company.

Greg was gregarious (in joke) and loved to explore different places and meet new people.  He talk to anyone about anything.  He was one of those blokes that everyone loved within 5 minutes of meeting him.

My idea of a relaxing evening was an easy (but healthy) meal, kids bathed and settled in bed then cuddling-up on the couch and watching TV; Greg would be the person itching to take the kids to the beach for a swim at 6pm when he got home from work.
He'd get annoyed when I wouldn't want to put dinner on hold, rug everybody up to go out.

I'm sad to say, I won more often than I should have ...

.... but not always.

.......Friday afternoons were fair game for anything - a walk in the park, bikes down the hill, pizza picnic at the beach - whatever.

The kids loved it, Greg loved it, and I'd tag along just because..... but I always did enjoy it.

But now ....
 ............now I am the one who does random bushwalks in the afternoon.
....meandering beach walks after school, sometimes followed by an early dinner of fish and chips from one of the cafes along the waterfront.  After all, the beauty of the bay is literally 1 km away and we don't make enough use of it.

We've discovered new places as well: the bird hide circuit and mangrove board walk are now regular haunts;  a new playground at the other end of town; a back way to our local park.

....and I like it. 
....I LOVE it.

It blows the cobwebs from my head and I can breathe deep from the sea air.  Making memories with the kids as we race to the top of the hill overlooking the bay.
I will admit that I do derive an inordinate amount of pleasure from bringing my camera along and taking shots like the above.

But part of me is sad for all of those lost afternoons when Greg could have been walking alongside us, discovering these fantastic places right outside our door.

Yet I am glad that we are now regularly leaving the house to investigate the beauty of the local area, just like Greg.

....and I love that I am becoming more like him.


  1. Amanda, so strange that I was just telling my daughter yesterday that I wished I would have been more easy going and relaxed when my husband was alive and we were raising kids together. He tried to be the spontaneous one and I always bucked him trying to retain structure in our household. Oh, I so wish I could turn the clock back and be that "person". But, like you, I am becoming more like him in such a great way!

    Thank you for hitting home for me!!!!

  2. I love how we carry on elements of the people we love. Beautiful.

  3. My Rodney was so much like your husband....On the go! A smile that lite up the world & a true ppl person...me the opposite. Now, I want to be like him too... I hate being the house & want to go back change the past...just for few minutes with him!

  4. "I love that I am becoming more like him" may be my all time favorite sentence on Widow's Voice. LOVE.